Series: Baptism


February 11, 2018

It’s baptism day, but what is baptism? Join Kris Sauter as he explains baptism. Message from February 11, 2018


October 17, 2017 ,

Kris Sauter introduces our next series Tables. He explains how tables are saturated with Heaven, and how much time Jesus spent around the table with others (Luke 7:34). Kris invites us to enjoy the table, become curious while at the table, and make room for others at our tables. It is also Baptism Sunday. Message from October 15, 2017

Our First Baptism Service

April 17, 2016 ,

Message from 4/17/16

This was our Very First Baptism Service at Cloquet Vineyard! Baptism is an awesome and beautiful thing! Not only did 5 amazing people get baptized but we also got some insight as to what baptism is all about. Take a listen.